Modern Music Terms & Conditions 2016

All new students are required to pay for their introductory lesson online, at least 24 hours prior to lesson start time.

All students (after introductory lesson) agree to pay for either 5 or 10 lessons upfront online (we do not accept cash or cheque)

Students are required to pay for their 5 or 10 lessons online in the LAST week of the previous batch (5th or 10th week)

Lessons will only be scheduled once payment has been received

Lesson dates will be arranged with our manager (Tim Bowes) via phone or email once payment has been recieved

If you fail to give 48 hours notice when cancelling a lesson, you will lose that lesson and no refunds will be given

Modern Music may occasionally need to reschedule your lesson, if this is not possible we will make this lesson up at an agreed later date

Refunds will only be given if Modern Music cancels a lesson and fails to reschedule after 1 month of lesson date

If a student decides to cease having lessons, students must be aware that refunds will not be given on future pre-paid lessons.


Half-price refunds/lesson vouchers may be offered for individual lessons that have been agreed were inadequate. 

Modern Music reserves the right to refuse to teach a student at any time