Rockstart Workshop  


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Terms and conditions

- 'Rockstart' is a rock band workshop, giving participants the chance to experience playing Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and being the singer in a band!

- Participants will learn the basics of each instrument, learn parts to songs and perform as a band.

- Two sessions will be available; 

   11's - 16's 

   16's and over

- Monday August 6th- Thursday 9th, from 10am-1pm.

- Participants will be assigned a day/group once signed up

- Each group will have no more than five participants

- Only 20 places available

- All equipment provided

- Address is: Coventry Rehearsal Rooms, Arches Industrial Estate, Spon End, Coventry CV1 3JQ

- Registration and full payment of £49.99 will be paid at least 2 weeks prior to workshop (23/7/18).  No refunds after this date.

* Price of £29.99 per student is a saving of 40% of original price and is available up until 23/7/18.  Price returns to original price of £49.99 after this date.

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