Guitar lessons Coventry
Drum Lessons Coventry
Guitar Lessons Coventry
Drum Lessons Coventry
Drum Lessons Coventry
Guitar tuition Coventry

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Modern Music is the number one choice for private music lessons in Coventry and Warwickshire.

We offer affordable online, high quality Guitar, Drums and Bass Guitar lessons from the top tutors in the area.


We specialise in professional tuition for Drums, Guitar and Bass Guitar, offering one-to-one and group classes at fantastic rates and a very personal service.

All of our tutors are top professional musicians who are out there working in the music industry. They are committed to giving you insider knowledge on what it takes to be a successful musician in today's world. 

If you're looking for online Guitar lessons, Drum lessons or Bass Guitar lessons in Coventry, then look no further!

Drums, Guitar and Bass Guitar lessons in Coventry